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Scalextric and all types of slot cars (Ninco, Fly, SCX, Carrera, Slot it etc) Wanted

Everything from a single car to a full collection, email me or call me for a valuation:-


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I always have hundreds of cars in stock from 1960s to the present day including Spanish, Mexican, UK and many non Scalextric cars. If you are looking for anything, drop me an email on :- with your wish list & I will see what I can do.

Spanish STS cars whilst not being 1/32 scale are so much fun it's not true, click on the picture for more details.

Scalextric Mini Metros, just click on the picture for a full size view.

Scalextric Triumph TR7s, just click on the picture for a full size view.

At Quorn Slot Car Club we now run a 'Classic Car' Championship and this was my entry. Want to know how it was built and how it ran, just click on the picture and all will be revealed.

Here are a few pictures of my home track, I have ditched the Scalextric Track in favour of a wood and copper raceway. The scenery has been made from isocynurate foam.

I had been thinking of building a Rally Track for some time and thanks to insparation from Dana Marsden I have built one. If you want to know how, or are just interested in the pictures click on the picture.

To see the first Scalextric Tinplate Cars from 1959 and the first Plastic Cars from 1960, here are the first two Canadian catalogues . My thanks to Marwan Nusair for supplying them.

If you are interested in early Scalextric cars,I have put some of the early catalogues pages on view.

Click here to look at the Third Edition Scalextric Catalogue from 1962.

Click here to look at the Fourth Edition Scalextric Catalogue from 1963.

Click here to look at the Fifth Edition Scalextric Catalogue from 1964.

Click here to look at the Seventh Edition Scalextric Catalogue from 1966.

Finally some would call this the 'Holy Grail' of Scalextric, the James Bond 007 set from 1967:-

Please feel free to email me on :- and let me know what you would like to see on a Scalextric web page.

Finally hit the Rover to link to a gallery of a few of the cars in my collection :-

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