Scalextric cars trace their roots back to B F Francis Esq who, in 1952 produced the first Scalex clockwork Jaguar XK120. Whilst this early range on clockwork cars was very succesful, by 1956 sales had started to falter and in 1957 saw the first electric cars. Scalextric had been born. The first sets had a pair of Maserati 250F Grand Prix cars, with the Ferrari becoming available in early 1958.

Here is a copy of an early Canadian Scalextric Catalogue from 1959, showing the original 'Tinplate Cars' The Ferrari and Maserati were available in the Sets, with the Austin Healey available only as a seperate car.

In 1960 Scalextric went over to making Plastic Cars. The first of these was the Lotus 16, and the range as we know it now was born. Here is the Canadian Brochure from 1960 showing the full range of cars and sets available.

My thanks to Marwan Nusair for the above brochures.

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